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4 Tips for an Outside Summer Wedding In Orlando

Summer weddings can be really nice but here is Orlando, Florida our summers can be quiet warm. They can feel especially warm to those that are not use to the humidity that comes with our sunshine. Here are

4 Tips that will be useful for you while you plan your summer wedding here in Orlando, Florida.

Tanner Hall Wedding Winter Garden, Florida
Wedding Ceremony

1. Provide Program Fans for Your Guest

Instead of a traditional program for your ceremony, place your program details on a fan that the guest can use to keep cool. There are some very unique ways to have these program fan created from a stationary company of your choice

2. Provide refreshments To Hydrate Your Guest

Scatter decorative ice buckets or baskets filled with bottles of water near the ceremony site. Although the ceremony can be short there is still about 1 hour of outside time for your guests. This can be a big help to keep your guest comfortable during the entirety of the ceremony.

Leu Gardens Wedding

3. Choose Wedding Attire That is Lightweight

Once you decide on an outside summer wedding you have to consider your wedding attire. Consider fabric that are lightweight for the girls and breathable lightweight fabric for the guys. Unlike your guest your bridal party is pretty active and its important for them to be able to keep cool also.

4. Choose Cold Items to reduce Spoilage

Refreshing veggies, fruit skewers, cold seafood are far more palatable in hot weather than heavier, cream-sauce dishes…and they’re often less expensive. Discuss this with your caterer to ensure that you have hor d'oeuvres during your cocktail that can tolerate heat.

These 4 Tips will get you started with the process of discovering what you need for your outside summer wedding to make sure that you and your guests are comfortable.

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