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Do you believe in Unicorns? Let's Talk About "Day-of-Coordination"

If you're here because WeddingWire told you to hire a Day-Of Coordinator, I have some news for you. There is no such thing. It just does not exist, it is a lie, it's a pink unicorn. I understand. You are feeling confused and betrayed.

No worries I am here to help!

The truth is this, there is simply no way any Wedding Planner any where can convince you to only work with her for one single day. One day isn't enough! But, don't sweat it, I have a clarification for you.

I offered Day-of Coordination, and it never really worked out the way I wanted it to. As a Planner, it's in my nature to be helpful to all my clients. I want you to feel like a guest at your own event and I want you to have a stress free wedding day experience. I want you to look back on your day and remember every moment of your wedding day.

What I offer my clients is Wedding Management. The greatest benefit of Wedding Management for you is that you receive unlimited email contact with me from the day you book. This gives you the resource of to having a wedding planning professional just a simple email away. Get answers to all your questions as they arise throughout your planning process. I become your wedding planning BFF and we can talk wedding as much as you like. Why wait to get the help you need 8-6 weeks before your wedding, which is typically when "day-of" coordinators typically start communicating with you. By then most problems that could have been fixed are set in stone, which means it is too late!

There are so many more benefits to Wedding Management that I couldn't possibly list them all here, but I would love to tell you more about in your consultation! You can click here to schedule a time to chat with me.

I can't wait to hear all about your wedding and how we can work together!

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