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Listen....There no such thing as a Bridezilla

Updated: Jan 18, 2018

In the world that we live in today drama queens seem to capture the most attention. With the

"Housewives" series and "Basketball Wives" throwing tantrums has received more attention then ever before. Well I have a theory that will shine some light on what is really happening when an adult that happens to be a bride throws a tantrum during the wedding process.

So you have been in the grocery store when a kid rolls around on the floor because the parent decides to not buy them candy. So the parent decides to ignore them to allow them to understand that throwing a tantrum does not get them what they want. Well Bridezilla's are just like the kids in the grocery store rolling on the floor because she cannot have everything that she wants.

My theory is simply this.... most Brides that get the title of "Bridezilla" are usually a wreck mentally, emotionally and/or physically. Once the root of the brides actions are discovered and a resolution is obtained that behavior disappears. Anyone that runs on empty mentally, emotionally and/or physically can act out of character. Wedding Planning is not always pleasant, easy and fulfilling.... for most brides its stressful, overwhelming, time consuming and more then they bargained for.

Every single bride should invest in a Wedding Planner... yes I said invest because it is just that an investment. I do not care if you are the hands on bride or the hands off bride, on your wedding day you are the bride. You should not be logistics on your wedding day, you should not be the planner on your wedding day, you should not be the caterer on your w

edding day. You job on your wedding day is to live in that moment on that day as the BRIDE nothing else. Having the right professionals in place will eliminate the "Bridezilla" behavior before it ever becomes a thought. Say it with me "Bridezillas Do Not Existence"


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