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Plugged vs Un-plugged Wedding

I prefer that the ceremony is unplugged but not the reception. During the ceremony, I believe it is important that everybody enjoys the emotion of the exchanging of the vows. It would be hard to enjoy the vow exchange when you are trying to Snapchat or go live on Facebook. Here are 3 reasons why I believe your ceremony should be unplugged.

3 Reasons Your Wedding Should be Unplugged

  1. You have paid for a photographer to be there and to have your wedding unplug will allow the photographer to capture your wedding day authentically.

2. It will allow your guests to actually enjoy The Vow exchange instead of being a worried about trying to make sure they capture everything on their cell phones or devices.

3. It will convince you to make sure that you invest in a good photographer and Videographer for your day so that way you can go back and re-live your ceremony well after your wedding day.

The cocktail hour and reception are perfect opportunities for your Instagrammers, your Facebookers and your Snapchaters to get all the social media footage they need. Besides the ceremony is the most important part of the day but it is also the shortest part of the day. Anyone that cannot unplug for an hour may have a more serious

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