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The Forgotten Wedding Etiquette Rules

Well no one else will say it so I will say it. ​There are a few things that are being overlooked by new wedding goers. People are not following the directions from the couple and are basically doing what they want on the couples special day. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to etiquette at today's wedding.

Follow the RSVP Directions

The couple has many things that they need to accomplish and getting an exact guest count is one

Wedding Managment also know as Day of Coordination
Wedding Reception table design

important thing. With the technology age that we live in often times people forget the simple task of responding to an invitation. Whatever the RSVP instructions are, you should follow them by the deadline.

Leave the phone in your purse or pocket

Unplugged wedding or not, the couple invited you to celebrate their day, not sit there on your phone. The couple spent a lot of time planning an event for you to enjoy, so don't spend the entire time on your phone documenting the wedding on —go have some fun! It's okay

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to share the love a few times, but you shouldn't opt out of hitting the dance floor in favor of tweeting a play-by-play. Plus, having a phone or tablet out all the time can get in the way of photos, and no one wants to look back on their wedding day to see a guest more engaged with a device than their reception.

Stay clear of the professional wedding photographer

Take photos of the wedding, but don't get in the photographer's way. The couple have taken the time to hire professionals to capture their day and there is nothing more annoying to the professionals then the guests getting in their way. Stay out of the aisle, stay in your seat and enjoy the moment that you have been invited to be apart of.

Bride and Groom Wedding Ceremony at Tanner Hall in Winter Garden, Florida
Wedding Ceremony at Tanner Hall in Winter Garden, Florida

Standing up or moving around can be distracting to the officiant, get in the way of the pros and ruin the view for other guests.

Our advice? If you must have that amazing shot of the bride's entrance, get to the ceremony early and sit in an aisle seat to get great photos without having to pull acrobatic stunts.


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