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You Already Live Together... Get You Some Post-Wedding Money

Times have changed and how we approach life changing moments have changed also. Many couples live together prior to marriage so there may not be a need to fill a house with several appliances you already have. So what do you have your guest bring you as a gift to your wedding, well I am glad you asked!

Have your guest bring monetary gifts in the form of visa gift cards or cash in a card . There are a few websites that can help you make this request tasteful for you to communicate with your guest and to collect the gifts as well.

Website #1 - The system allows for people to send cash directly, or to use PayPal. The beauty about PayPal is that you do not have to create an account in order to use the service and it is a secure way to send money via a credit card.

Website #2 - This cash registry has an app, so you can tell your guests on your wedding website to download the app. This will keep things simply for you.


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