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Your Bridal Party Should Be The Party Starters

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

In December of 2017 I was a bridesmaid to one of my longtime friends. I knew that come hell or high water I was going to be on the dance floor to keep the reception interesting.

I have seen more then my

fair share of bridal parties that sit in the reception looking like lumps on a log. The bride and groom have to almost beg them to get on the dance floor so they do not have to dance alone. Wait a

minute your main job as a bridal party member on the day of the wedding is to support the Bride and Groom. Yes that includes dancing, even if you suck ....that includes wearing what they ask even if you feel fat (which I totally felt lol). It is their day and on their day they should feel the support of those they have asked to stand with them on that day. This may cause you to evaluate your bridal party list and that is okay. People that know how to celebrate you and celebrate with you.... are rare. You can have 2 bridesmaids, no bridesmaids or 18 bridesmaids ..... It's your day.. do what you want. The point is make sure those you choose to stand with you also know how to celebrate with you!!

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